White fused alumina

White fused alumina is a highly pure form of aluminium oxide which is suitable for use with stainless steel and aluminium. This iron-free, reusable blasting medium is angular, brittle and hard. It has a powerful abrasive effect on the surface being blasted. White fused alumina belongs to the group of fused alumina.

Available grain sizes

(Average grain size)

F 012: 1400–2000µm
F 014: 1180–1700µm
F 016: 1000–1400µm
F 020: 850–1180µm
F 022: 710–1000µm
F 024: 600–850µm
F 030: 500–710µm
F 036: 425–600µm
F 040: 355–500µm
F 046: 300–425µm
F 054: 250–355µm
F 060: 212–300µm
F 070: 180–250µm
F 080: 150–212µm
F 090: 125–180µm
F 100: 106–150µm
F 120: 90–125µm
F 150: 63–106µm
F 180: 63–90µm
F 220: 53–75µm

Physical properties

Hardness: 9 mohs
Grain shape: angular
Melting point: approx. 2050°C
Specific gravity: approx. 4.0 g/cm3
Bulk density: approx. 1.5 – 2.1 g/cm3
(depending on grain size)

Typical chemical analysis

Al2O3: 99,50%
Na2O+K2O: 0,25%
Fe2O3: 0,02%
SiO2: 0,03%
CaO: 0,10%
C: 0,05%

Blasting systems

– Pressure blast systems
– Injection blast cabinets


– Cleaning metallic surfaces with removal of material (abrasive effect)
– Removing rust and scale from metallic surfaces
– Removing tempering colour

Surface finishing:
– Creating a matt finish on surfaces
– Producing specific visual effects

– Roughening metallic surfaces
– Creating a matt finish on glass
– Deburring
– Processing very hard components


25 kg sacks on pallets of up to 1 tonne

Minimum order quantity

50 kg (2 sacks)

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